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Optimize, Automate, and Simplify Logistics and Supply Chain Operations for Enhanced Efficiency & Visibility.
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Reduce Operational Cost by
Multi-Carrier Integration
Increase Efficiency by
Orders Processed
55+ Mn

Trusted Logistics Automation Partner for over 250+ Global Brands

Partners and Integration

Choose from over 150+ international and domestic with pre-integrated courier services, configure order sources, courier accounts and improve supply chain visibilty and efficiency. visibility, all on one platform.
Sync and process orders from a single dashboard with our marketplace integration which include major channels like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Prestashop and more.
Select the perfect fulfillment partner for every order based on your business priorities with our data driven carrier recommendation engine.
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API Integration in 10 Minutes

With eShipz’s carrier integration software, configure your partner’s API in just 10 minutes .

# Import the eShipz client.
import eshipz
# Setup the client with your API key.
eshipz.api_key = '259DA788-39A3-439E-BA1E-BC541B8BA520'
# Purchase a shipment to receive a postage label.
shipment = eshipz.Shipment.retrieve(


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Quick Integration

Print Labels Online
Supply Chain Visibility
NDR and Return Management
Go Borderless
Business Intelligence

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