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Reduced Billed but Not Dispatch Time

Reduced Billed but Not Dispatch Time

Minimizing dispatch lead times & optimizing logistics costs remains a priority for any organization. The eShipz logistics automation solution enables organizations & businesses to refine their Logistics & Supply Chain, Outbound & Reverse Distribution along with distribution strategies, resulting in higher efficiency and reducing logistics expenses by up to 10%.

Unclog Dispatch Bay Area - Manufacturing Logistics

Unclog Dispatch Bay Area

High Volumes & Delay in information being relayed to Courier Partners results in the Dispatch Bay Area being clogged. This not only leads to incorrect pickups, but unnecessary strain on both human & technological resources. The eShipz solutions minimizes these risks with accurate & instant communication between the systems of the business and the courier partners.

Order Accuracy - Manufacturing Logistics Solutions

Order Accuracy

Most organizations cater to a varied base of customers, the sheer volume of orders being processed daily via multiple courier partners can be daunting & can lead to errors in dispatch, leading to an increase in operational cost. The eShipz solution minimizes this risk with real time accurate information and updates being passed between the organization & courier partners & vice versa.

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Compatibility with ERP, WMS & TMS

These systems empower an organisation to effectively manage its flow of information in terms logistics and supply chain in a central hub, with a compatible API the Shipz solution can easily be integrated into any or all of these systems, thereby ensuring that any organizations has complete visibility of any product right up until the point it is delivered to the end consumer.

Scalability and Flexibility in Logistics Manufacturing - eShipz

Scalability and Flexibility in Logistics Manufacturing

Keep customers informed on their order status with notifications via SMS, WhatsApp and email. Use the branded tracking page to display and promote your new collections, promotions all the while customer track their order status. Run Surveys to gather feedback via SMS or WhatsApp enhancing brand loyalty.

Load Optimization basis multiple Business logics - eShipz

Load Optimization basis multiple Business logics

To increase efficiency eShipz empowers organizations to enable logics or set up rules as per their business requirements. These can be single or multiple logics based on any number of business requirements, thus ensures that the logistics and supply chain run in a more efficient and productive manner there maximizing the output and resulting income.

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Boosting Customer Satisfaction

A robust connection between manufacturing and logistics is crucial for meeting customer expectations and maintaining a competitive edge in the market. By expertly managing logistics manufacturing, eShipz helps companies to ensure timely delivery of products, improved quality control, and increased responsiveness to customer demands.

Data Privacy

Order Processing Speed

On an average 30% of the orders are delayed leading to dip in customer satisfaction and added stress on the Supply Chain. The most common reason is the delay in communication between the organization & the courier partners. eShipz ensures that information is relayed to the courier partners systems in real time, leading to an increase in order processing speed.

Benefits of the eShipz Solution - Manufacturing Logistics Solution

Benefits of the eShipz Solution

Reduce the overall logistics spend up to 7-8%.

Improve throughput efficiency at the Warehouse.

Load optimization by selecting the best carrier basis multiple business logics which serve the best interests.

Forward and Backward integrations of suppliers & dealers/distributors

Leverage the logistics suite to get complete visibility of all forward & backward integrations creating a Control Tower.

Improve Order Processing Fee.

Importance of Automation in Manufacturing Logistics

Nowadays, the industry finds itself up against a flexible and diversified manufacturing landscape in which, to provide efficient customer service, all the gears of manufacturing logistics need to fit together perfectly. In view of this paradigm, technology upgrades and the implementation of a robust shipping automation platform specialized in logistics optimization processes, are two key strategies for optimizing industrial logistics.

To learn more about how to streamline manufacturing logistics at your organization, don’t hesitate to get in touch. One of our experts will analyze your operations and showcase how we can increase the efficiency while cutting down cost.

Importance of Automation in Manufacturing Logistics - eShipz

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