What is MPS – Multi Piece Shipment?

What is MPS – Multi Piece Shipment?

What is Multi piece shipment?

It is the concept of shipping multi packages to the same delivery address and grouping them together under one master label. Thus, saving cost, time and effort while giving business the ability to track all the shipments in the multi pieces order under one tracking number.

How can a business enable MPS?

Multi piece shipment are currently not provided by all carrier partners. As a business, you have to check with your carrier partner if they grant MPS service and if yes then a request has to be place with the carrier to have it enabled. Once enabled the business can avail of the MPS service.

Benefits of using MPS:

Save Time – Enabling MPS reduces load of a shipment as all the packages are clustered under single order number. This results in the dispatch time being decreased, allowing for more time spent on other activities that will enable the business to grow versus, spending the same time and effort in shipping management.

Save cost – Shipping through MPS helps business in saving cost in terms of shipping rates as well, as you can reduce cost of AWB labels generated for each package in the shipment.

Easy Tracking – With MPS business get access to the single tracking number to track their order status. This greatly helps a business as they track a whole shipment as one rather than tracking multiple packages.

Streamline Multi Piece Shipment with eShipz

eShipz now allows its customers with MPS enabled to ship orders with multiple packages under single AWB number and manage their shipments, thereby increasing efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction, while cutting down on time & cost.

eShipz also offers advanced shipping solutions, enabling business to update orders & print label in bulk, take analytical decisions, reduce returns and engage its customer with a host of customer engagement tools.

Business can now integrate multiple sales channels and carrier partners with eShipz and get access to plethora of shipping automations to upscale their business reach and output. The Platform also empowers businesses to fetch data and reports for analysis in real time and manage online, offline, forward and reverse orders on a single platform.


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