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Affiliate Marketing - eShipz

Turn Your Influence Into Income, with the eShipz affliate program.

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Affiliate Marketing - eShipz
Revenue Sharing - eShipz
Dedicated Support - Affiliate Program

Refer and Earn

Revenue Sharing

Dedicated Support

Refer customers to eShipz and earn up to 25% commission on each successful client onboarding

Enhance top line with our revenue sharing program & earn annual commissions for every new account

Dedicated channel managers to provide comprehensive platform training to boost your domain authority and expertise.

Co-Marketing - eShipz
Managed Service Model - eShipz
Seamless Integrations - eShipz


Managed Service Model

Seamless Integrations

Join forces in marketing through share thought leadership via blog posts and whitepapers to increase brand awareness and educate customers.

We offer our platform as a fully managed service, freeing your internal IT teams from concerns about uptime guarantees, server hosting, and more.

eShipz ensures seamless API integrations across Multiple Third-party systems, eliminating the need to invest in new IT infrastructure

eShipz Partner Program

Our partnership programs empower you and your customers to navigate the ever-evolving supply chain ecosystem, expand domain expertise, and boost top lines seamlessly.

Strategic Partners - eShipz

Strategic Partners

Inviting global Systems Integrators (SIs) & consulting organizations to partner with us on transformative projects, delivering unparalleled supply chain and logistics excellence across various geographies.

Channel Partners - Affiliates

Channel Partners

eShipz empowers regional service firms to enhance their portfolios with innovative products and capabilities along with dedicated support, driving increased incremental revenues and fostering business growth.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners

We collaborate with independent software organizations to provide advanced technology solutions, addressing critical logistics management challenges within the global supply chain ecosystem.

Ambassadors - eShipz Affiliate Program


We aim to form robust partnerships with supply chain and logistics experts who will act as our ambassadors and evangelists, fostering mutual business growth and industry excellence.

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