Warehouse & Fulfillment

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Designed to deliver high performance and efficiency, let eShipz automate your logistics operations to success.

Retail & Fashion logistics automated solutions

Multi LSP Integrations

eShipz has over 200+ domestic as well as international logistics service providers who are pre-integrated into the platform, right from FedEx, Blue Dart, DHL to GATI and Rivigo. This ensures that organizations are ready to ship their products or launch new products into the market in quicker and more efficient manner.

Warehouse & Fulfillment

No Substandard Dispatch Process

A substandard dispatch process can have a significant impact on the delivery of goods, & can include problems such as incorrect routing, loss of communication, missing or incorrect delivery information, and delayed or missed deliveries. Avoid these issues and streamline dispatches the eShipz automated logistics solutions.

Slow Inventory movement

No Slow Inventory Movement

eShipz helps business reduce their dispatch time by almost 60 to 75 %, thus ensuring that goods or products are moved out of the warehouse in a timely manner. This helps avoid the build-up of excess inventory, increased storage costs, or decreased warehouse space for new or fast-moving items. In most cases stored inventory may become obsolete resulting in significant losses.

No Substandard Dispatch Process

Easy Mobile App/One Click Solutions

The eShipz platform is designed in manner to simplify and streamline complex processes with a single click or tap on a mobile device. The solutions offered are intended to make logistical operations easier, faster, and more convenient for users by eliminating the need for multiple steps or interactions. This not only cuts down on cost of operations but also increases efficiency.

Ecommerce shipping solutions

Improve Warehouse Efficiency

eShipz enhances ability of a warehouse to effectively and efficiently manage its logistical dispatch operations, thereby ensuring the maximum output while still cutting down on errors. A warehouse with high efficiency is able to minimize costs, maximize productivity, and provide a high level of visibility to all stake holders.

Returns & Perishability

Avoid Misrouting

Misrouting can have a significant impact on the supply chain, leading to increased costs and reduced customer satisfaction. The most common causes vary from human error leading to incorrect address labelling, or incorrect delivery information being passed on. eShipz helps to reduce these risks by automating the dispatch process.

Ecommerce shipping solutions

Track and Trace

The eShipz track and trace can be used by businesses to improve their delivery time and reduce misrouting and lost packages, along with helping to provide the recipient with a real time update on their product delivery status. Additionally, the systems can also help businesses to optimize their supply chain, reduce costs, and increase the efficiency of their logistics operations.

Data Privacy

Managing Heaps of Data

eShipz ensures that organizations are empowered to not just manage data, but also use it to gain insights into various aspects of the supply chain, including transportation, inventory management, and customer behaviour. Business can then use these insights to optimize processes, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Warehouse & Fulfillment - eShipz

Why is Digitizing Warehouse Operations important ?

The biggest advantages of a high-tech, digitized warehouse are that you increase the speed and accuracy of tasks, as well as achieve process traceability, with its main impact seen on the below points.

Order accuracy: Digitizing ensures that orders are picked, packed, and shipped correctly which is one of the biggest challenges for warehouse managers. Incorrect orders may lead to dissatisfied customers, loss in sales, and increased shipping costs.

Order processing speed: The speed at which an order is processed and shipped is critical for customer satisfaction and keeping up with demand. Warehouse managers must find ways to speed up the process while maintaining accuracy.

Inventory Management: Keeping track of inventory levels, especially during peak periods, is a challenge for most warehouse managers. They must ensure that they have enough stock to meet demand while also avoiding overstocking and waste. Digitizing operations helps business predict demand and therefore avoid unnecessary hoarding of space which could increase cost or create product loss.

Streamlining Outbound Dispatch: The sheer numbers of dispatches that need to be done daily via multiple courier partners can be a time consuming process which can lead to errors. Automation can help reduce the time and resources required for manual tasks such as scheduling deliveries, generating invoices, and tracking shipments and reduce errors.

Space Management: With cost and demand of space increasing implementing effective space management logistics, organizations can optimize the use of their physical space, reduce operational costs, and improve overall efficiency.

By addressing these challenges, warehouse managers can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their outbound dispatch process, provide better customer service, and reduce costs.

We’re partners to our customers in their success and we take immense pride in empowering our customers to optimize costs and boost profitability 

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