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Supercharge your Business Expansion with the eShipz Shipping app, available on the Shopify Store.

Boost your online business with eShipz’s innovative Shopify app, featuring advanced tools and seamless integration for effortless e-commerce success.
Shopify App by eShipz

For a cost-saving, time-optimizing shipping and logistics platform or a Multi Carrier/Courier Shipping Label App for Shopify, eShipz is your ideal logistics partner.

Track all your orders via Fedx - eShipz App

Optimize order management: Create, ship, and track orders seamlessly via FedEx using the eShipz app on your Shopify store.

Connect your Shopify store to Blue Dart- eShipz App

Maximize your Shopify store’s efficiency with Blue Dart through eShipz. Generate labels, ship and track all you Shopify ordersĀ 

Track all your shopify orders via Aramex- eShipz App

Effortlessly print labels, dispatch and track Shopify orders using the eShipz app for Aramex integration on your Shopify store.

Track your Shopify orders on DHL Via eShipz App

Generate Labels, Dispatch & Track your Shopify orders on DHL by integrating the eShipz shipping app.Ā 

Track your delhivery orders - eShipz App

Harness the reach of Delhivery by connecting your store to the eShipz Shipping App to your Shopify Store

Track all your orders via Gati - eShipz App

Generate Shipping Label, Ship, Track all your orders via Gati, with the eShipz app on the Shopify store.

Why choose the eShipz Shipping Automation Plugin for Shopify

Trusted Shipping Solution for 500+ online stores

Certified by the World’s Leading Shipping Carriers

98% rating on Customer Satisfaction
5+ years of Streamlining eCommerce Logistics

Designed for Seamless Integration with Shopify Stores.

The eShipz Shopify Shipping Plugin streamlines your shipping operations, enabling you to print labels, schedule pickups, and track shipments directly from a single dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is there a free Trial?
Yes, there is a free Trial for 7 days.

What are the requirements for the Free Trail?
The store must be integrated and a valid credit card must be added for the free trial to be activated.

What happens post the free trial?
The app will continue to work until you uninstall it. However, if you do not want to use the app and you have not uninstalled it, Shopify will automatically charge for the monthly subscription.

What rates will be displayed?
Except for FedEx rates will not be displayed, for the other courier partners the rates are as per your contract with the respective courier partners.

What are the details required to complete the set up?
To complete the setup we need the API credentials from your courier partner.

What are the product dimensions used?
Product dimensions & weight can be configured to any unit as per the Shopify settings. The app will automatically convert it to cms and kgs.

What are the Shipping Carriers/Courier Partners supported by the app?
Almost all the major Domestic and International courier partners are supported by the app. If you do not find your shipping carrier in this list, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to integrate your Shipping Carrier/Courier Partner within the app.

I have multiple Shopify stores. Will I be able to use Shopify Multi Carrier Shipping Label app on all my stores?
The eShipz app currently supports only one Shopify store at a time, if you want to use for multiple stores, you will have the integrate the app multiple times.

Does the app work in all countries?
Ideally the app will work in which ever country your courier partner is allowed to operate in.

Do your provide support for configuring the product and resolve issues if any?
Yes! In case you need assistance, you can drop in an email to [email protected]. We usually respond within 24 hours.

However, in most cases, our Help Centre articles will help to solve the issue faster.

Need to talk to our experts simply click on the link below.

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