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Increase trust with crystal-clear shipment information

Increase trust with crystal-clear
shipment information

Improve customer satisfaction with real-time shipment visibility

Improve customer satisfaction with real-time shipment visibility

Reduce anxiety and unpredictability about delivery time

Reduce anxiety and unpredictability about delivery time

Prioritizing Live Shipment Tracking for Superior Service

Shipment Tracking - eShipz

Dynamic Shipment Tracking Services for You and Your Customers​

Branded Tracking Page

A branded tracking page at eShipz enhances the customer experience by adding a mobile-friendly branded tracking page with real-time delivery maps, personal messages, and a dynamic delivery countdown. Add highlights of loyalty programs, collect feedback, and add social media links to breathe life into customer engagement. Share environmental sustainability efforts and live chat for instant customer support. Drive more sales due to related product recommendations, and turn the order journey into transparent milestones on the order status.

White-Labelled Notifications

Personalize notifications across SMS, email, IVRS, WhatsApp, & push notifications with white-labelled customer communication. Configure dynamic content, multiple languages, interactive elements, & AI chat bots for feedback. Integrate appropriate promotions. Set event-based updates at the right time and ensure there’s security while enlightening the environmental effect of orders.

In-app Tracking

Accommodate eShipz tracking in your mobile app for real-time order tracking by the customer, feedback on the order post-delivery, and easy returns or exchanges of the product. Personalization of notification and route visualization in multiple languages will enhance the user experience.


Track & Trace

Distributing Astonishing Post - Purchase Experiences

Enhance transparency throughout the entire process with eShipz’s advanced and real-time shipment tracking system.

This platform brings about a reduction in customer inquiries by providing instant visibility into shipment status.

Distributing Astonishing Post - Purchase Experience​

Tracking Page Highlights

Brand Theme

The branded tracking page features consistent colors, logos, and domain names that mirror the identity of your website for better brand engagement. Add themes, storytelling, and product showcases for personal touches. Add social links, personalized greeting messages, and exclusive content to help customers connect better with your brand.

Promotional Tiles

Promotional tiles can drive more than 2% additional revenue, thanks to smart recommendations, limited-time offers, and interactive demos. Now, with dynamic pricing insights, customer testimonials, and seasonal collections inside the tiles, you can increase engagement and boost conversions.

Language localization

eShipz allows brands to share order updates with customers in English, offering customizable tracking pages tailored to suit their needs. This ensures clear communication and enhances customer engagement, delivering a personalized experience that fosters satisfaction and loyalty.

Delay Alerts

Update customers instantly in case of a shipment delay or a new delivery date via your tracking page. Add real-time notifications to reschedule or proactive customer support for enhanced satisfaction and clarity.

Track Shipment

Control Tower to Manage and Track Shipments across Omni Channels

Single Dashboard

All your orders are in one place: Monitor, sort, and filter. Track shipments across carriers and statuses. Download detailed ‘Track Orders’ reports. Customize your alerts, integrate analytics, and streamline workflows with ERP to automate tasks for more efficiency. Designed to provide comprehensive control and visibility over the shipping process, ensuring efficient management and timely updates, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide enhanced visibility and control over shipments.

Single Dashboard
Monitor Exception​

Monitor Exception

Track shipping exceptions with real-time alerts and AI-driven predictions for possible delays and SLA breaches. Follow up on fast issue resolution through automated workflows, interactive heat maps, and customizable filters. Prebuilt communication tools and root cause analysis reports expedite resolutions. Scheduled summaries and trend analysis offer insights into the ongoing process. Monitor the status of shipments in real-time and Receive notifications for important updates such as package out for delivery, delivered, or delayed.

User Allocation & Integration

The eShipz dashboard is based on user roles. Further, give role-based permissions that are customizable to maintain activity logs. Allow seamless integration with your CRM so that you can turn around and respond to customer queries really fast. Use single sign-on and multi-level approvals to make the organization more secure and efficient. Allow role-based training and personalized dashboard views to improve productivity. Access shipping analytics, such as shipping costs over time, carrier performance, and delivery success rates.

Communicate Directly Through Your Tracking Page

Customer NPS​

Customer NPS​

Customer NPS helps in understanding their product & delivery experience & even helps in enhancing overall consumer experience.

NDR Feedback​

NDR Feedback​

eShipz collects missed delivery feedback via its tracking page, tailoring solutions for redelivery or pickup preferences to boost satisfaction & minimize rto rates.

Fake Delivery Attempt

Fake Delivery Attempt

With entire Supply Chain visibility, Enterprises can get necessary insights on delivery schedules, fake attempt and helps in reducing multiple attempts of delivery. 


How does eShipz handle shipment exceptions or delays?
eShipz helps manage shipment-exceptions through real-time alerts, automated defect management, dedicated support, and detailed reporting for faster resolution with minimum disruption.

Can eShipz manage multiple shipping carriers from a single dashboard?
Yes, eShipz allows the management of a number of shipping carriers from within one dashboard. This facilitates single visibility for the core platform in effectively managing and tracking all the shipping-related activities.

Are there any mobile apps available for eShipz users to manage shipments on the go?
Yes, eShipz offers mobile applications that meet the needs of tracking and managing shipments on-the-move, as this supports ease of convenience and flexibility in tracking and monitoring deliveries from anywhere.

How does eShipz handle customer feedback and support inquiries?
eShipz conducts customer feedback management and customer support with a dedicated team, multichannel support, integrated feedback, ticketing, and an online knowledge base itself.

Boost customer satisfaction & make data-driven decisions. Start shipping & track your packages.

eShipz Tracking Solution provides businesses with comprehensive tools, Automated Notifications updates on shipment status, monitor & manage shipments in real time. 

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