Enhanced Post-Purchase experience,
increase customer loyalty and sales

Offer your customers an unparalleled post purchase experience with a host of customer engagement tools

Post Shipping Solution

Drive growth by providing best in class benefits and complete visibility to the customers  

Post shipment Control tower and dashboard

Business Insights - Control Tower and Dashboard

Centralized dashboard for greater operational transparency.

Get all the resources needed to expand your company.

Get insights on orders, shipments, COD, exceptions, RTO, and many more.

Avail real-time insight, enhance the consumer experience, and reduce risks through.

Advanced Tracking with Digital Proof of Delivery

Give your customers detailed real time tracking information to keep them informed.

Keep them updated on the status of their package so they can trust your store with every purchase.

Gain immediate, verifiable updates on shipments delivered in real time using ePod.

Advanced Tracking with Digital Proof of Delivery
Branded Customer Engagement Solutions

Branded Customer Engagement Solutions

Measure customer satisfaction using NPS.

Receive reviews and feedback.

Asses the Net Promoter Score weekly, monthly, yearly.

Non-Delivery Report – Alternate Instruction

Reduce the NDR by upto 20%.

Manage undelivered shipments from multiple shipping carriers on a single platform.

Decrease the percentage of undelivered orders by providing alternate customer details to delivery agents in real time.

Post Shipment NDR
Easy Return Solutions - Post Shipping

Easy Return Solutions

Dedicated dashboard for returns.

Send notifications to the customers in every stage.

Centralized portals for returns.

Schedule reverse pickups.

Pre integration with all courier companies to handle reverse shipments.

Create AWB automatically for reverse shipments.

eShipz enables a seamless shipping experience and superior post purchase solutions.

Real Time Order Tracking - Post Shipping

Real Time Order Tracking

As and when the buyer’s order moves, let them know. Make sure they have access to every detail!


Estimated Date of Delivery - Post Shipping

Estimated Date of Delivery

Utilize our cutting-edge technology to provide customers with an estimated delivery date.

Regular Email & SMS Alerts - Post shipping

Regular Email & SMS Alerts

Use our platform to send SMS and Email and WhatsApp updates to your buyer regarding their package.

Pre shipping services

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