Importance Of Post Purchase Experience For eCommerce Business

Importance Of Post Purchase Experience For eCommerce Business

Customer perceptions of your brand are crucial in determining whether or not they will buy from you again. Consumers now have more power in their relationships with brands than ever before; they have more choices than ever before, they can organize themselves into interest groups via social media, and they can openly confront brands via online reviews. Post purchase experience for eCommerce Business is the way a consumer reacts after they have completed the checkout process.

In the era of eCommerce, brands must ensure that customers have a great post-purchase experience. It shows whether their service satisfied the wants and expectations of their customers, whether they will return to the brand in the future, and whether they would suggest the product or service to others, such as friends or family.

It is critical to provide a powerful brand experience that matches the specific demands of customers after they have made a purchase in order for them to feel confident and reassured. For each support contact with you, you must provide a comprehensive returns process and satisfy their needs.

What is post purchase experience?

The post-purchase experience begins as soon as a customer makes a purchase. At this point, shops must give best-in-class service and capitalize on the favorable feelings that customers have previously expressed. Retailers must address questions like: Did they receive a confirmation email? Is there an estimated delivery date for them? What product journey updates will they receive?

Did you know that majority of consumers are dissatisfied with their order delivery status due to a lack of visibility?

When a customer puts a purchase, they are looking forward to receiving their package. They need confidence that their items are on their way and that there will be no delays while they wait. Not knowing when their order will be delivered or not being able to track it, will have unfavorable repercussions.

So, how do you go about implementing a successful post-purchase interaction strategy that will keep your consumers happy and have them coming back for more? Here are a few ways to improve your customer’s post purchase experience which can help you drive growth.

Post Purchase Experience

How can you improve post purchase experience?

  1. Customer engagement hinges on effective communication. Sending a thank-you message quickly after a transaction shows clients that you care. To transmit purchase details, shipment confirmations, and delivery dates in advance, you can use an automation tool. You can provide a good client experience by personalizing the messages and sending them on time.
  2. Put your data to good use. Determine what other customers have purchased in conjunction with this product and inform your consumers of the recommendations. Let your consumer know what else they can buy to increase their product’s performance while you’re conversing with them. You can also send automated emails recommending things that are frequently purchased together.
  3. Sending a reminder email to clients is one approach to ensure they return to buy from you. Customers are more inclined to repurchase a product from you if they receive a reminder email shortly before it runs out. You may schedule reminder emails to be sent from the moment a consumer makes a purchase.
  4. For the customer, be present everywhere and at all times. Because people are spending more time on social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp, providing omnichannel support will allow you to give a consistent customer experience. Wherever your customer is, be there. Allow them to communicate with you on their preferred device and platform.
  5. Listening to the customer’s voice is a smart approach for a positive customer experience. Their suggestions and opinions are extremely beneficial to your company. Customer feedback forms, on the other hand, are tedious. Instead, send them a link to a live chat room and ask them for input. Make it simple for them to communicate with you. To communicate with them, choose the omnichannel option.
  6. To provide the best possible service to their clients, retailers must guarantee that their supply chain and logistical operations are efficient. Merchants can simply manage stock from all sales channels from a single central location, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business. A bad client experience might sometimes be out of the company’s control, such as when the apparels does not fit.
  7. If a consumer is dissatisfied with their purchase for whatever reason and wishes to return it, it is critical that the procedure be quick and painless. Any hitches in the process at this point could harm the relationship between customers and the company.

Returns methods for e-commerce that can be introduced to improve the post-purchase experience are –

  •  Pay close attention to customer feedback and reviews, and apply what you learn to improve your products and services.
  • Contactless returns, drop-off points, in-app returns, and other methods should be used to make the procedure as frictionless and painless as feasible.
  • Conduct regular quality checks on products, particularly those that are frequently returned.
  • Maintain a steady flow of communication and provide updates on delivery and returns stages.

Optimizing and improving the customer’s post-purchase experience helps to close the gap between them and the retailer. Creating a nice post-purchase experience is an excellent way for merchants to strengthen client relationships, grow a loyal customer base, and increase their lifetime value. eShipz enables you with the powerful tools in providing your customers the best Post Purchase Experience.

 Branded Tracking not only helps in effective tracking of orders but also in improving customer experience. You can promote your own brand with a personalized tracking messages and add banners & promotional creatives. Sending order updates on email, SMS & WhatsApp not only gives amazing Tracking experience but also can open new opportunities for expanding your customer base and boosting your sales. eShipz makes sure you can get most of it for your Business.


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