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Elevate customer satisfaction! Efficiently deliver joy to doorsteps with the eShipz eCommerce Solution, enhancing the shopping experience for ultimate success.

Ecommerce shipping solutions

Multi Channel Integrations

Supercharge your eCommerce management! Seamlessly integrate eShipz with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Amazon, PrestaShop, and more. Track, dispatch, notify, and manage returns effortlessly from a unified dashboard. Streamline your operations!

Ecommerce shipping solutions

Multiple Courier Partners

eShipz has over 220+ pre integrated domestic as well as international courier partners, thereby ensuring that shipments can be delivered anywhere around the globe effortlessly, but also empowering business owners to choose partners best suited to their business needs.

Demand Forecasting - eShipz

Reports and Analytics

The fully fledged dashboard in the interface provides complete visibility on the total number of shipments based on the shipment status details also the status of POD. These analytics will give access to all data in a single place. The reports can be now downloaded using simple calendar and reports will be in the excel format.

Ecommerce shipping solutions

NDR Return Management

eShipz helps to reduce RTO’s by upto 20%, auto re-attempt of deliveries with predefined instructions helps to boost a succesful delivery percentage. Real-time updates and alternate delivery instructions can be viewed, entered and communicated to last mile partner thereby helping to reduce returns.

Ecommerce shipping solutions

Customer engagement tools

Keep customers informed on their order status with notifications via SMS, WhatsApp and email. Right up from dispatch, till delivered or even updating customers on  their return status, the eShipz platform enables to give customers timely updates, thereby enhancing brand values and reducing customer calls.

Ecommerce shipping solutions

Track and Trace

Multiple sales channels means multiple orders, that need to shipped via multiple partners to customers across multiple destinations, tracking these many orders can put strain on any organization. With eShipz business can now track and trace all orders under a single platform thereby increasing efficiency

Ecommerce Shipping solutions
Ecommerce shipping solutions

Delight your customers while creating an added branding and sales touch point, with the branded tracking page designed especially for your brand.

Branded Tracking Page - eCommerce Shipping Solutions

Enhance your business reach, increase your daily dispatches, delight your customers and make key business decisions based on real time analytics. 

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