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Retail & Fashion logistics

Designed to deliver high performance and efficiency, let eShipz automate your retail & fashion logistics operations to success.

Retail & Fashion logistics automated solutions


eShipz helps the retail and fashion industry to cater to the inherent heterogeneity of the market. Using the eShipz AI & ML based platform retailers can understand the micro-segments along with the peculiarities and uniqueness in consumer buying patterns so that product offering could be tailored to the specific needs.

Retail & Fashion logistics automated solutions

Multi/Exclusive Brand Outlets

eShipz with its AI and ML based platform has the ability to not just handle an organizations procurement logistics, but also the production, distribution and reverse logistics of any business. This ensure that products reach the outlets they are destined for be it an MBO or an EBO, the eShipz platform ensures accuracy in distribution. 

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Demand Forecasting

eShipz empowers business owners with some of the most powerful and in-depth reports that enable the stake holders to gain complete visibility of not just the  business perfromance, but also helps to understand the market in terms of product demands. This helps business owners prepare better and save on distribution cost.

Skilled Man Power

One of the biggest issues facing the retail and fashion sector is the lack of skilled man power, when it comes to the dispatch and distribution of products. eShipz is designed in way that it can be used by even those with the most basic knowledge of software’s. The functionality and usability are designed to be user friendly yet robust.

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NPS, Promotions & Communications

Keep customers informed on their order status with notifications via SMS, WhatsApp and email. Use the branded tracking page to display and promote your new collections, promotions all the while customer track their order status. Run Surveys to gather feedback via SMS or WhatsApp enhancing brand loyalty.

Retail & Fashion logistics automated solutions

Returns & Perishability

Returns and perishiability are one of biggest factors influencing the cost of logistics operations, with returns going up to almost 11% in the past 2 years, and unsold stocks going as high as 30%. eShipz helps retailers reduce on these costs with alternate delivery instructions in real time & performance reports to forecast demand.

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Tailor Made

eShipz can easily be configured and integrated into all current system that are used in today’s organizations such as any ERP, WMS or TMS solutions, or any custom developed platforms. The flexibility and it’s easy work flow ensures that the platform can be deployed at any and all locations, to suit the exact needs of the business.

Retail & Fashion logistics automated solutions

Data Privacy

When it comes to retail and fashion industry data security is 2nd to none, with greater emphasis on cybersecurity being one of the most important deciding factors, when it comes to organizations deploying any new solutions. eShipz with its state-of-the-art data security measures ensures your data is secured from any cyber-attacks.

Retail & Fashion logistics automated solutions

Digitalising the  Supply Chain

Fluctuations in consumer demand make supply chain planning a constant challenge for the retail and fashion industry. This in tune puts a lot of undue stress on the logistics operations on any organization, leading to backlogs, bottlenecks and delays. The end result being a dissatisfied and upset end user looking for alternate sources of the product. Without automation, managing and catering to increasing demands would not be possible.

eShipz with its AI and ML based platform along with ready to use integrations with multiple courier partners such as Blue DartFedExAramexGatiSpoton and many more, enables business to use a plethora of services such as Bulk Label Printing, Track and Trace, NDR / EPOD to ensure that not only are organizations  ready to ship their products at the earliest, but also monitor each stage of their logistics operations, there by increasing efficiency while cutting costs.

A Result Oriented Partnership

Today, businesses aren’t just dealing with change within the lifestyle industry. It is also trying to manoeuvre a bumpy geopolitical landscape and a possible slowdown in the global economy. The old manual methodology of dispatching goods is not only time consuming, but also a hurdle in increasing the business reach and profits. Organizations have started to shift to automated systems and process, to ensure not just visibility and efficiency, but also to reduce time and manual efforts and errors.

At eShipz our aim is to cater to these exact needs within the logistics operations of any organization. Our plethora of offerings can not only be deployed independently, but can also be easily integrated to current systems such as SAP, ORACLE, MICROSOFT ensuring every process with the logistics operation of an organization is streamlined.

Retail & Fashion logistics automated solutions

We’re partners to our customers in their success and we take immense pride in empowering our customers to optimize costs and boost profitability 

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