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Reach more than 19,800 PIN Codes in 735 of India’s 739 districts - with Gati.

Enter your GATI API key into the eShipz app today and experience a truly pan-India network.

Gati API
Gati Shipping
Performance and Analysis
  • Manage end-to-end logistics in a single window.
  • Add Pan-India shipping to your products in less than 15 minutes.
  • Create Orders, fetch AWBs, reduce returns with automation, and place pickup requests with the courier partner.
  • Update NDRs with a single click.
  • Access a future-ready automated shipping solution integrated with performance analytics.
  • Utilize Gati services, including Laabh, Desk-to-Desk, Premium Flexilite, Student Express, Art Express, and Bike Express.
  • Pre-Approved, Gati-Compliant labels, with the capability to mask orders details and added branding elements.
  • Avail access to end-to-end transport solutions utilizing rail and road (PTL and FTL) solutions.
  • 99.99% API Uptime.
  • Guaranteed improvement in CX, Improve through data-backed insights.
  • Using our powerful analytics, generate regular custom reports on unshipped orders, RTO (Return to Origin) shipments, and redirected shipments.

How it Works?

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Integrate the Gati API
Create a free account, review our API and integrate in minutes.
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Verify, Ship & Track
Verify addresses, create shipping labels, and track packages.
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Get a better shipping experience
Ship at the optimal service level and offer a customer-first experience.

Gati Shipping works like a breeze with eShipz

Streamline your shipping with eShipz's automation and save both cost and time
Customise Shipping Labels
Save time and prevent human error by creating labels automatically with our carriers. Work faster by saving package information and using batch printing.
Manifest and Auto-Pickup
Manifest shipment details into the system after the creation of shipping labels. Store information centrally so all locations can access it during dispatch.
Multi-Warehouse Management
Manage dispatches from multiple warehouses, all on the eShipz platform. Give complete visibility of the supply chain to the master warehouse or logistics manager for central access.
Real-Time Tracking
Track all your GATI orders real time a on single platform.
SMART Solution
Empower the pickup agents/warehouse executives to create hundreds of shipping labels using our powerful and easy to use web app.
Reverse Shipment
eShipz lets you reverse your shipments without QC from the customer’s doorstep with FedEx. Use the API to create RVP labels to reach consumers before pickup.

Give some Gati to your Logistics Operations.

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