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Why eShipz?

ERP WMS TMS compatiable

ERP, WMS & TMS Compatible

eShipz can easily be integrated with any of the current systems such as SAP. ORACLE, MICROSOFT, MERCURY, INCREFF, UNICOMMERCE and many more. The API can be consumed by any of these systems and feed the business with information such as serviceability, shipment location, SLA and much more, thereby aiding the business to choose a courier partner that best suits their need.  

Multiple Courier Integrations

Multiple Courier Integrations

The distribution of products, spares, and replacements, has lot of cost implications to any organization with millions of dollars at stake. The choice of a courier partner there is essential to any organization. eShipz has more than 200+ pre integrated courier partners, thereby allowing businesses to choose a courier partner best suited for their business requirements.

Multi Piece Shipment

Multi Piece Shipments (MPS)

MPS shipments are not just a tool that helps to cut down cost, but also reduces man hours spent on tracking multiple shipments. With the MPS capability eShipz ensures that an organization can send multiple shipments under 1 AWB thus ensuring a greater visibility and transparency. 

(Note: please check with your courier partner if they have MPS)

Track and Trace

Track and Trace

Knowing a shipments location in lieu of its destination is an extremely important aspect for any business especially with multiple shipments going to multiple locations via multiple vendors. eShipz make this process extremely easy by displaying the location for all the afore mentioned shipments under one dashboard thereby saving on both cost and time while increasing efficiency.

Reports and Analytics

Reports & Analytics

For any business reports and analytics are one of the most important tools when it comes to making business impacting decisions, eShipz helps business owners make important decisions based on real time data such as courier performance, region wise shipments, no of products returned and more aspects, all from one single dashboard.



Proof of delivery is vital when it comes to any business pay-outs, but courier partners some times takes between 15 to 20 days and then to handover a stack on waybills which have to manually checked, leading to more man hours and cost. With ePod get instant and verified updates of deliveries made in real time creating greater transparency.

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