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Enterprise Shipping Solutions

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Why eShipz?

Enterprise Shipping Solutions

ERP, WMS & TMS Compatible

Seamless Integration with Leading Systems: eShipz effortlessly integrates with major systems like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Mercury, Increff, Unicommerce, and more. The versatile API facilitates the retrieval of crucial business information, including serviceability, shipment location, SLA, and more. This empowers businesses to make informed decisions when selecting a courier partner that aligns perfectly with their specific needs.

Enterprise Shipping Solutions

Multiple Courier Integrations

Effectively managing the distribution of products, spares & replacements is crucial for organizations with significant financial implications. The selection of a courier partner plays a pivotal role in the overall productivity of any business. With over 200+ pre-integrated courier partners, eShipz provides businesses with the flexibility to choose the courier partner that aligns seamlessly with their specific business requirements, ensuring cost-effective and efficient operations.

Enterprise Shipping Solutions

Multi Piece Shipments (MPS)

Experience more than just cost-cutting with eShipz MPS shipments – it’s a solution designed to minimize the time spent on tracking multiple shipments. With MPS capability, eShipz streamlines the process, enabling organizations to dispatch multiple shipments under a single AWB (Air Waybill). This not only enhances visibility but also ensures greater transparency in your logistics operations. (Note: please check with your courier partner if they have MPS)

Enterprise Shipping Solutions

Track and Trace

In the realm of multiple shipments, knowing the precise location instead of just the destination is a critical factor for any business. eShipz simplifies this vital process by consolidating the locations of multiple shipments, dispatched through various courier partners, into a single, user-friendly dashboard. This not only saves valuable time and costs but significantly enhances overall operational efficiency for your business.

Enterprise Shipping Solutions

Reports & Analytics

In the realm of business, impactful decisions hinge on robust reports and analytics. eShipz takes center stage, empowering business owners with crucial insights derived from real-time data—spanning courier performance, region-wise shipments, product returns, and more—all accessible seamlessly from a single dashboard. Elevate your decision-making prowess with eShipz, where comprehensive analytics pave the way for strategic and informed business choices.

Enterprise Shipping Solutions


Ensuring proof of delivery is essential for business payouts. However, dealing with the tradiotional process of courier partners can result in delays of 15 to 20 days, before receiving waybill stacks for manual verification, leading to increased costs. Opt for ePod (electronic proof of delivery)  to receive instant and verified real-time updates on deliveries, promoting enhanced transparency and efficiency for your business operations.

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