Optimizing Success: A Guide to Reducing RTOs with NDR Solutions

Optimizing Success: A Guide to Reducing RTOs with NDR Solutions

The Indian eCommerce sector has long grappled with the issue of RTOs (Return to Origin), posing significant financial and reputational challenges for businesses. RTOs occur when orders are returned to the origin warehouse due to failed delivery attempts, resulting in cancelled orders and incurred shipping costs.

However, RTOs need not be detrimental to your business. Through strategic measures, you can effectively minimize their frequency, showcasing your problem-solving prowess and improving order fulfilment rates. Learn how to tackle RTOs and bolster your eCommerce success

The Role of NDRs in RTOs

The primary cause of high RTO rates is failed deliveries, reported as Non-Delivery Reports (NDRs) by courier partners. An NDR indicates a failed delivery attempt, which, if unresolved after 2-3 attempts, converts into an RTO. Thus, NDRs play a critical role in decreasing RTO percentages.

Managing Non-Delivery Reports (NDRs) effectively is crucial for reducing Return to Origin (RTO) rates. When handled well, NDRs can be converted into successful deliveries, enhancing customer satisfaction and minimizing financial losses. Here’s a systematic approach to handling NDRs efficiently:

Understanding NDR Causes for Efficient Management

Identifying the root causes behind NDRs is pivotal for effective handling. These may include incorrect addresses, recipient unavailability, or refusal to accept deliveries. By analyzing these factors, you can categorize NDRs and forecast which are resolvable and which may recur. A robust tracking system aids in logging and analyzing these causes, facilitating targeted strategies for resolution.

Engage Customers for Enhanced Delivery Experience

Active customer involvement is crucial in delivery management success. Upon receiving an NDR, promptly reach out to customers to verify the issue and gather any essential details for a successful redelivery. This proactive approach not only resolves issues swiftly but also boosts customer satisfaction. Leveraging automated notifications and personalized follow-up calls keeps customers informed and invested in the delivery process.

Combat Fake Deliveries with Vigilance

Fake deliveries, where agents falsely report undelivered orders, disrupt delivery metrics and erode customer trust. Implement stringent tracking and accountability measures to curb such occurrences. Utilize GPS tracking, delivery verification steps like photo documentation or electronic signatures, to uphold delivery integrity.

Clear Communication with Courier Partners

Smooth communication with carriers is paramount in NDR resolution. Ensure timely relay of customer-provided delivery preferences and corrections to delivery personnel. Establishing direct communication channels with carriers mitigates miscommunication and minimizes delivery mishaps. Regular training sessions and transparent guidelines enhance carrier responsiveness and accuracy.

Optimize Operations with NDR Management Software

Leverage advanced NDR management software to automate follow-up processes, boosting efficiency. These solutions offer features such as automated notifications, real-time tracking, and detailed analytics, reducing manual efforts and data inaccuracies. Implementing such software streamlines operations, allowing teams to focus on resolving more intricate issues effectively.

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Additional Tips for Reducing RTOs

Leverage Data Analytics: Utilize data analytics to predict patterns and trends in delivery failures. By identifying high-risk areas or common issues, you can pre-emptively address potential problems.

Enhance Address Verification: Integrate advanced address verification tools to ensure that the shipping addresses provided by customers are accurate and complete. This reduces the chances of NDRs due to incorrect addresses.

Optimize Delivery Routes: Use route optimization software to enhance the efficiency of delivery routes. This not only reduces delivery times but also increases the likelihood of successful first-attempt deliveries.

Provide Multiple Delivery Options: Offering customers multiple delivery options, such as scheduled deliveries, neighbourhood pickup points, can reduce the incidence of NDRs. Flexibility in delivery options caters to the diverse needs of customers, increasing the chances of successful deliveries.

Implement a Feedback Loop: Establish a feedback mechanism where customers can provide insights on delivery issues. This feedback can be invaluable in improving your delivery processes and addressing common pain points.

Understanding the reasons behind Non-Delivery Reports (NDRs) is crucial for reducing Return to Origin (RTO) incidents. Here are the top causes and how to mitigate them:

Customer Rejection: Customers sometimes change their minds and refuse to accept the delivery. To prevent this, provide detailed product descriptions and images, and ensure a smooth return policy to build trust.

Customer Unavailability: The customer might be unreachable or unable to receive the order. Offering flexible delivery windows and sending reminders via SMS or email can help ensure the customer is available at the scheduled time.

Rescheduled Delivery: Customers may request an alternate delivery date and time. Allowing easy rescheduling options through your app or website can accommodate their needs and increase successful deliveries.

Incorrect Address Errors or Incomplete Addresses: These can prevent successful delivery. Implementing address validation tools during the checkout process can significantly reduce such errors.

Wrong Phone Number Incorrect contact numbers: Hinder communication for locating the address. Encourage customers to double-check their contact details before finalizing the order and offer a verification step if necessary.

Fake Delivery: Occasionally, delivery agents might falsely mark an order as undelivered. Using real-time tracking systems and requiring photographic proof of delivery can help monitor and ensure accountability.

Out of Delivery Area Errors: An address calculation can place the destination outside the delivery range. Utilizing precise mapping software and clearly communicating delivery zones during the purchase process can help avoid this issue.

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How does eShipz NDR Solution help Business reduce returns & Failed Deliveries

eShipz is a logistics and supply chain automation platform that offers Non-Delivery Report (NDR) solutions aimed at helping businesses reduce returns and improve customer satisfaction. Here’s how eShipz NDR solutions achieve this:

Proactive Issue Resolution: eShipz’s NDR solutions provide real-time tracking and instant notifications of delivery exceptions. By immediately alerting businesses to potential delivery issues, such as incorrect addresses or recipient unavailability, companies can proactively address and resolve these problems. This reduces the likelihood of returns caused by delivery failures.

Alternate Delivery Communication: If the first delivery attempt fails, the eShipz NDR solution notifies the customer of the issue and provides an option to reschedule the delivery for a more convenient date. This real-time communication with the courier partner ensures a higher rate of successful deliveries.

Detailed Analytics: eShipz provides comprehensive analytics and reporting on delivery performance and exceptions. Businesses can analyze these reports to identify recurring issues or bottlenecks in their delivery processes. By understanding and addressing the root causes of delivery failures, companies can reduce the overall incidence of returns.

Enhanced Customer Experience: The NDR solutions enhance the overall customer experience by ensuring that issues are addressed quickly and efficiently. When customers feel informed and valued, they are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase, even if there was a delivery hiccup. Satisfied customers are less likely to return products and more likely to make repeat purchases.

Operational Efficiency: By automating the process of handling delivery exceptions, eShipz reduces the manual workload on customer service teams. This allows businesses to manage exceptions more efficiently and focus on other critical aspects of their operations, further reducing the chances of returns due to unmanaged delivery issues.

Customizable Workflows: eShipz allows businesses to customize workflows for handling NDRs based on their specific needs. This flexibility ensures that the solutions can be tailored to fit different business models and customer service strategies, making the management of returns and delivery exceptions more effective.

In summary, eShipz NDR solutions help businesses reduce returns by enabling proactive issue resolution, automating customer communications, providing detailed analytics, enhancing customer experience, improving operational efficiency, and offering customizable workflows. These features collectively contribute to fewer delivery failures and higher customer satisfaction, ultimately reducing the rate of returns.


Traditional NDR management methods are slow and limited in effectiveness. Adopting an NDR management software can automate the process, ensuring real-time handling of NDRs. This allows you to focus on eliminating delivery exceptions and expanding your business. By integrating advanced NDR management solutions, you can effectively reduce RTO rates and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


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