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Why eShipz ?

At eShipz we specialise in bringing down the operation cost of an organization through Warehouse Outbound dispatch solutions. Our Logistics suite solutions helps in reducing Order processing time, Warehouse delay, Manual errors.

Our solutions include, Forward & Reverse Indenting, Docket Creations, Courier Approved Bulk Label Printing, Tracking, EPOD, NDR, Real Time Analytics, Notifications can easily be integrated into any ERP, WMS or TMS software or any of the Major sales channels, thus ensuring businesses reduce operational cost by as much at 20%, while increasing the supply chain efficiency by almost 150%.

Increase Efficiency - Zoho Inventory
Control & Visibility - eShipz - Zoho inventory integration
Customised Rules - Zoho Inventory
In-depth Analytics - Zoho Inventory

What is Zoho Inventory?

Zoho Inventory is specifically designed Inventory management software for Indian businesses. It allows Indian Businesses to Manage orders. Track inventory. Handle GST billing all from one single platfrom. With additional features such as Inevntory Control, Warehouse Management, Multi-Channel Selling, Order Management and much more, Zoho Inventory helps businesses to simplify work flows, fulfill orders faster, and gain customer trust.

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