How to Streamline Shipping for your Shopify Store?

How to Streamline Shipping for your Shopify Store?

No doubt Shopify is one of the most popular sales channels for eCommerce sellers, with an enhanced eCommerce experience for both sellers and the end customers, due to their wide range of features and plugins.

The Shopify App store provides access to tonnes of apps for various purposes like SEO, sales boost, product reviews, order management and shipping logistics and many more.

Shipping for your Shopify store

Shipping has been a major concern for many eCommerce sellers lately. There are several layers between receiving the order and dispatching that are needed to be taken care of.

Having a single software for all your shipping needs helps you to save on both time and business cost, but how do you do this? – It’s simple, integrate the eShipz app with your Shopify store.

Benefits of Using eShipz with your Shopify store

Seamless Integration

Unlike many other tools and platforms, eShipz is listed on the Shopify app store which makes it very easy for sellers to directly integrate the eShipz platform with their website without any technical knowledge or requirements.

All Inclusive Functionality

eShipz offers all the necessary tools required to streamline your dispatch management such as bulk shipping label generation, return management to post sale engagement tools like branded tracking page, SMS/WhatsApp notifications, etc.

Huge Carrier Network and e-POD

eShipz allows Shopify sellers to integrate tonnes of delivery partners such as BlueDart, FedEx, DTDC, DHL etc. Sellers can allocate specific delivery partners as per their business needs.

Sellers are also able to receive e-POD i.e., electronic proof of delivery. An E-POD, is a means of sending delivery receipts to consumers without the need of any physical documents. It also ensures that all logistics stakeholders receive accurate delivery information.

Post Sales Engagement Tools

By keeping customer retention as one of the primary goals for Shopify sellers, eShipz has high end customer engagement tools which allows sellers to retain their customers as well as boost sales.

Currently eShipz offers SMS/WhatsApp notifications, branded email, branded tracking page and tracking widget. All of these can be customized according to seller’s unique needs and requirements.

Advanced Analytics

Keep track of you orders in the shipping cycle by segregating them into different categories of unshipped, shipped, dispatched or unprocessed. Get in-depth sales report to track and analyze the business growth.

How to integrate eShipz with your Shopify store?

Go to and click on add app to start using free trial of eShipz. Alternatively you can contact +91 74283 35001 or mail at:


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