Delhivery Api Integration


eShipz & Delhivery!

Unmatched Reach with Innovative Technology

Transform and optimize your logistics operations while elevating your entire shipping process with the combined power of Delhivery and eShipz.

Delhivery Api Integration

Delhivery API's

  1. Streamline all your shipping requirements effortlessly with the Delhivery Shipping API.
  2. Deliver parcels across India with unmatched ease and flexibility.
  3. Send anything you want, from any location, with comprehensive end-to-end shipping solutions tailored to your warehouse needs.
  4. Enjoy instant shipping to over 18,600 pin codes through a seamless single integration.

Delhivery Shipping​

  1. Drive efficiency with scale to reach the remotest corners of India
  2. Reach your customers on industry leading Turn Around Time across Air and Surface modes
  3. Reduce Return-To-Origin using business intelligence & historical data
  4. Free up your working capital with next day COD remittance at no additional charges
Delhivery Api Integration - eShipz
Performance & Analysis- Delhivery Api Integration

Performance & Analysis

  1. Maximize your investment and supercharge your efficiency.
  2. Elevate your customer experience and optimize your logistics operations
  3. Harness the power of our advanced analytics to create tailored report on multiple parameters

About Delhivery

Delhivery, an Indian-origin logistics startup, is headquartered in Delhi and has made significant strides since its inception in 2011. Initially founded as a hyperlocal delivery solution for offline stores in the National Capital Region, Delhivery has expanded its operations into comprehensive supply chain management. Today, it stands as a full-fledged logistics company, connecting small businesses and enterprises with customers across India through world-class infrastructure and cutting-edge technology.


Delhivery has achieved remarkable milestones, fulfilling over 1 billion orders by 2021 and reaching more than 420 million households across India. On average, the company delivers 1.8 million packages daily, underscoring its vast operational capacity. Supported by a dedicated team of over 39,200 members, Delhivery serves over 2,800 cities in India, catering to 760,000+ sellers nationwide. The company leverages a fleet of more than 16,000 delivery vehicles to ensure timely deliveries.

Infrastructure and Network

To Efficiently Manage Its Extensive Delivery Operations, Delhivery Operates

71 Fulfilment Centres- Delhivery Api Integration

Over 71 Fulfilment Centres

24 Automated Sorting Centres

24 Automated Sorting Centres

94 Gateways - Delhivery Api Integration

94 Gateways

Shipping to over 18,600 Pin Codes

2200+ Delivery Centres

Delhivery Api Integration

5000+ Partner Centres

FAQs about eShipz & Delhivery Integration

What does the integration between eShipz and Delhivery offer?
The integration allows businesses to dispatch their shipments via Delhivery directly from the eShipz platform, along with features order processing, label generation, shipment tracking, and more.

How do I integrate eShipz with Delhivery?
You can integrate eShipz with Delhivery by navigating to the carriers section of your eShipz account, selecting Delhivery, and following the provided steps to authenticate and connect your Delhivery account.

What functionalities are available after integration?
After integrating, you can:
1. Automate order import from various sales channels.
2. Generate shipping labels.
3. Schedule pickups.
4. Track shipments in real-time.
5. Manage returns and exceptions.

Do I need technical knowledge to integrate eShipz with Delhivery?
Basic technical knowledge can be helpful, but the integration process is designed to be user-friendly. Detailed guides and customer support are available to assist you.

What if I encounter issues during integration or later?
eShipz provides customer support and detailed documentation to help resolve any issues. You can contact our support team at +91 74283 35001 or email us on [email protected]

Solve complex logistical problems, through a simple integration using eShipz shipping software

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