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DHL Api Integration


  • Offers shipping , tracking, and rating functionalities for DHL Express services worldwide.
  • Access to DHL e-Commerce  services for domestic and international shipping.
  • Facilitate bulk label generation
  • Manage all your shipping needs on one platform with the DHL API.

DHL Shipping​

  • DHL offers both domestic and international shipping services.
  • Utilize all DHL services includes , DHL Express, DHL  ecommerce, DHL global forwarding & many more.
  • Print the label and affix it securely to the package.
  • Manage major hubs for sorting and dispatching shipments.
DHL Api Integration - DHL Shipping
Performance & Analysis - DHL Api Integration

Performance & Analysis

  • Measure customer satisfaction levels through feedback, surveys, reviews, and ratings.
  • Analyze actual data on delivery performance to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  • Identify opportunities to optimize shipping expenses and reduce costs for increasing efficiency.

About DHL

DHL is a global logistics, global courier, parcel delivery, and express mail service. It is headquartered in San Francisco. DHL known for secure, and globally connected logistics by utilizing innovative technology and an unmatched network.

DHL founded in 1969 ,by Adrian Dalsey , Larry Hillblom , and Robert Lynn, focusing on emergency document delivery. In 1970 , expand their business internationally they launched air express delivery. Early In 1980 , set up hubs in the US and Europe , In 2000, acquisitions like Airborne Express (US) and Exel bolstered the company’s logistics leadership. And Emphasize the GoGreen sustainability initiatives and innovation centers. In 2002 , DHL acquired Deutsche Post DHL Group ,  In 2021 , DHL has expanded its services to encompass logistics, freight transportation, thereby diversifying its offerings.

DHL is the unrivaled leader in the field of global logistics. Their extensive range of services encompasses both domestic and international express delivery, With an expansive network, DHL seamlessly connects customers across more than 220 countries and territories.

Infrastructure and Network

DHL manages a comprehensive and sophisticated logistics network that operates internationally

220+ Countries & Territories - DHL Api Integration

220+ Countries & Territories

3Mn+ Customers - DHL Api Integration

3Mn+ Customers

1350 Warehouses & Offices - DHL Api Integration

1350 Warehouses & Offices

One of the largest LSP in the World - DHL

One of the largest LSP in the World

295 Dedicated Aircrafts - DHL

295 Dedicated Aircrafts

115,000 Service Points - DHL Api Integration

115,000 Service Points


Express Services : DHL Express offerings international courier, express and parcel shipment services. And cargo airlines to ensure fast delivery.

Freight Services : DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Freight oversee the transportation and management of goods through air, sea, and road freight logistics.

E-commerce Logistics : DHL e-commerce focuses on providing parcel delivery services that are designed to meet the requirements of online vendors.

FAQs about eShipz & DHL Integration


Can I track my DHL shipments through eShipz platform after the integration?

Yes, eShipz integrates with DHL for shipping, tracking through eShipz is a strong possibility.

What features of DHL’s services are now accessible through the eShipz platform due to the integration?

eShipz offers DHL’s global shipping services, allowing e-commerce businesses to ship internationally , track packages and features like Cash on Delivery COD or specific delivery options , contact eShipz directly.

In what ways does the integration between DHL and eShipz enhance the shipping experience for users?

The DHL-eShipz integration improves shipping with streamlined processes, global reach, better visibility, diverse options, simple management, cost control and enhanced support.

What benefits does the integration of DHL and eShipz offer to businesses?

By integrating DHL-eShipz, businesses can streamline their shipping procedures, lower expenses, and enhance efficiency, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

In case I encounter any difficulties with the integration, what is the preferred way to contact the support team?

If you experience any difficulties with the DHL and eShipz integration, please contact our support team at +91 74283 35001 or reach out to us via email at [email protected].

Tackle complex logistical challenges effortlessly with seamless integration of eShipz

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