How to increase eCommerce sales during festive season?

How to increase eCommerce sales during festive season?

Festivals are a wonderful time for many internet retailers to introduce new products to their clients. As the owner of an online store, you may be always thinking about how to increase website traffic and conversions. Even if you’re experimenting with multiple ways to boost sales during festive season, deciding on the marketing tactics that will work for you can be difficult.

Effective marketing techniques are required to keep ahead of the competition. New brand strategies can go a long way toward catching people’s attention and attracting them to a website. In these Covid-19 times, as many people are hesitating to walk into brick & mortar stores, the online retail segment is poised to reap a rich harvest.

Best Ways to Boost Your eCommerce Sales this Festive Season:

Recovering abandoned cart using festive offers

Users who abandon cart are the easiest to convert. Abandoned cart implies that person is interested in buying the product, offering discounts on the cart products can increases the chances of product being bought successfully. During festival seasons people spend a lot more on shopping than during normal days.

Being an eCommerce seller if you provide a discount on cart items there is high chance that the customer will buy it.

Modify landing pages with festive theme

Magnetize your customers to your website with feel good décor. Make your website easy to explore and buy. You can do following modifications to your website during festival seasons:

  • You can add images and videos related to ongoing festival
  • You can highlight most popular products on top 
  • Change fonts and colors to offer your site a festive look

Use SMS and E-mail marketing to remind customers of offers and discounts 

SMS and E-mail marketing can be very useful in communicating offers and discounts to the customers. As the holiday season approaches, eCommerce firms may take advantage of email marketing to engage customers and lure them to their site. While designing your email campaign make sure to add festive content, to make the campaign appealing and engaging.

Social media push

The target audience should be aware of the special discounts and bargains you have planned for the holiday season. Social Media Marketing is a good technique for immediately increasing client interaction because it has a large customer base, an easy-to-navigate interface, and a low cost.

Festive contests can be run on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, among other social media platforms. These might help you connect your festive marketing to target audience.

Offer free shipping and smooth returns

Customers abandon carts for a variety of reasons, one of which being the cost of delivery. Perhaps they think it’s extremely high. According to polls, when clients are offered free delivery services, their sales increase by 49 percent. In case you are not in favor of free shipping you can add specific rules and conditions for free shipping

The return process, like shipping, should be simple. If a consumer is dissatisfied with one of your products and decides to return it, you should make the procedure as simple as possible for them. Obviously, during the holiday season, returns will skyrocket. So, if it needs to be improved, you should do so.

Ship your ecommerce orders

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