How proper Courier Dispatch management can bring down overall logistics cost for Enterprises?

How proper Courier Dispatch management can bring down overall logistics cost for Enterprises?

Dispatch is a cross-section of giving a fine customer experience and Warehouses to send end consumers a better product or service. Dispatch management is one of the most important divisions under Logistics management.

To be a Dispatch manager individual needs to have skills to understand the warehouse operations and also have experience in Customer Delivery Experience management. Courier Dispatch management has an overlap with Enterprise system and Logistics carrier partner before it reaches to end consumer.

Enterprise Overlap

Dispatch manager is required to have an overview of Orders coming from multiple sources. In the current scenario, where enterprises work on Omni Channel and orders come from Online and Offline channels need to have visibility of their source of Orders. There are different ways of handling these channels as Online customers have different requirements compared to Offline Distribution based customers. Generally, as per our market study, Box packing and branding is done better for Online customer compared to offline where the product is going to a distributor. 

Logistics Overlap

In India, there are more than 15 national logistics players who are delivering to more than 19,000 pin codes across. Each of these companies has their own strength and weakness and a dispatch manager need to be aware of these strengths and weakness.

We have found that this manual dependency on the Dispatch manager is very critical for successful delivery with customer satisfaction. eShipz provides a Courier Dispatch management to understand enterprises and their logistics requirements map them to a single platform with actionable solutions. For e.g one Dashboard with sync from multiple order source channels and same dashboard for creating shipping labels, e-waybill creation and other dispatch related stuff. A courier recommendation engine, NDR &  Return Management tool will help to Create, View and manage orders at multiple stages of shipments. 

Courier dispatch management

Courier Dispatch management addresses 7 attributes of successful dispatch and thus logistics management:

1. Delivery teams

Giving a seamless option of multiple carriers to Warehouses for creating Shipping labels. 

2. Online Order Information

This is required to have clear visibility of all orders coming from multiple source channels. Be it Online or Offline channel its always good to have order synced on a single platform. 

3. Delivery Planning

It is required as a dispatch manager will assign time for different vendors for pickup. DM needs to plan for stationaries required for packaging and dispatching materials on time. The manifestation of shipment details after pickup is required for seamless movement. eShipz helps in Instant Manifestation helping in reduced manifestation time. 

4. Location Intelligence

Dispatch managers always want to have clear visibility of all parcels traveling across different intelligence. Companies at various scale have different layers to track these parcels. Track with just tracking number while in cases of bigger enterprises they have GPS to track big vehicles and thus more visibility on each of these packets traveling in the same vehicle. Route Optimization is advanced version of optimizing vehicles for delivery with consolidation of various loads. 

5. Payment collection

For Cash on Delivery,  Freight on Delivery shipments and others based on various service partners shipping labels should be created and manager will have visibility of all payment collected or scheduled to be collected on daily basis. 

6. Proof of Delivery

After successful delivery, POD is collected by service partners based on various SLAs. These PODs are archived in physical or digital format in service partners systems. This helps in authenticating successful deliveries. In many cases, someone from the end customer office and home has received the parcel but has not informed the actual consignee about it raising disputes. By POD it can arrive at the name of a person who has received the product. 

7. Customers Delivery Experience

Whether a customer has received the parcel at their scheduled time of delivery. Was feedback or any alternate instructions were collected at the time of delivery of the product ? The end customer is the face of sellers and once they endorse the product there are high chances of doing promotion. This is measured as the NPS – Net promoter score. 

Courier dispatch management

If these 7 points are addressed it helps in bringing down logistics cost and overall helps in increased customer satisfaction and thus brand endorsement. eShipz is the best Courier Dispatch management tool for managing all issues of dispatch manager. Visit eShipz


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