eShipz – FedEx Compatible Solution

eShipz – FedEx Compatible Solution

We are proud and excited at the same time as we announce eShipz a Certified FedEx Compatible Solution.

eShipz – FedEx Compatible Solution

Well, how does FedEx® Compatible solution benefit eShipz’s customers? Let’s find out in detail.

  • Open an account with FedEx 
  • After signing up with FedEx, you just have to connect your FedEx account to eShipz software and start your FedEx shipping journey without much hassle
  • Seller/Merchant of any size can ship packages on FedEx via eShipz
  • Enables to ship your orders with pre negotiated FedEx rates via eShipz
  • Quick label creation via API integration
  • Ready API integration available for all FedEx Services
  • New feature update/versions of FedEx, will be readily available for eShipz’s customers without the help of developer
  • Ability to process FedEx shipments in bulk that saves time by eliminating the manual efforts in exporting information into other shipping tools
  • Automated email tracking information to your buyers
  • Send seamless tracking information to your eCommerce platforms
  • No minimum order commitment for opening a FedEx Account
  • No minimum revenue commitment
  • Start shipping your orders by integrating with FedEx instantly without a developer, which saves you a considerable amount of time
  • Complete access to all FedEx eCommerce services to explore better shipping opportunities
  • FedEx shipping integration enables you to reduce expenses and improve operational efficiency

Simply put, with FedEx Compatible certification, eShipz simplifies the shipping process to help you increase productivity. eShipz’s FedEx Compatible certification streamlines the order shipping process, allowing you to ramp up order fulfillment and shipping performance.

From a single, integrated platform, eShipz offers white labelled cloud based multi-carrier shipping software solutions. eShipz maintains integrations with FedEx and other carriers, offering enterprises with access to an unrivalled network of flexible and certified carriers.

eShipz’s software makes it easier for users to find the most efficient shipping solution for every order across all sales channels, allowing businesses to meet customer needs and expectations while slashing costs and scaling up your business.


Everything you need - from quick shipping to the best carriers in the game.

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