12 Major Differences between SaaS Logistics and Traditional Logistic Solution

12 Major Differences between SaaS Logistics and Traditional Logistic Solution


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Of late, there have been a lot of interesting discussions of why SaaS is even a thing now. While people have done it and seen excellent results in doing things the traditional way, it’s considerably complex for them to quickly migrate the old conventional technique into a logistics SaaS solution

Especially when it comes to logistics, the employees are still in a dilemma – whether to entirely rely on technology or do a partial migration now and consider the rest later. 

Disclaimer: If you have been completely relying on traditional logistics solutions, we are sorry to break you down. You probably have very few chances to scale. And here, we’ve covered the what’s, whys, and how’s. We are sure you’ll have so many things to take home from this article. 

Without further ado, let’s get started. 

What are Traditional Logistics Solutions? 

Traditional Logistics Solutions are nothing but the old conventional logistics techniques that involve plenty of time, manual effort, and money to get the shipping process going seamlessly. 

Some examples of traditional logistics solutions: 

While there are a plethora of reasons behind businesses relying on traditional logistics solutions, the most common ones that we’ve observed are: 

  • People are scared to transition from conventional logistics solutions to SaaS-based logistics solutions. 
  • They have zero understanding of SaaS solutions. 
  • They are so comfortable in doing things the traditional way
  • They fear downtime without looking at the longer picture. 

It’s okay to continue your business the traditional way. But we are in 2021, and the companies that rely on technology are scaling faster than they imagine. 

Wouldn’t you love to be one? 

What are SaaS Logistics Solution? 

SaaS Logistics solutions are nothing but modern technology-driven solutions that save tons of man-hours effortlessly. Though it costs a little more money, the results are fruitful in an extended period of time. 

Some examples of SaaS-based logistics solutions: eShipz, Oracle, SAP, E2open. 

While we were doing our bit of research on why companies want to rely on SaaS-based logistics solutions, this is the pattern that we observed. 

  • Businesses rely on SaaS solutions with a hunger to scale
  • They wish to reduce all the manual efforts invested in a project
  • They want to reduce the time spent on a project
  • They want their businesses to be technology-driven. 

If your only goal is to scale your logistics business to the next level, SaaS-based solutions should be the comprehensive solution, in fact, the best investment you can ever make in the days to come. 

12 Major Differences between SaaS Logistics and Traditional Logistic Solution

Thus far, we have understood what SaaS and Traditional Logistics solutions are. Now, it’s time to understand the differences between these both. Here, we have nearly jotted down the ten significant differences between SaaS Logistics solutions and Traditional Logistics Solutions. 

SaaS Based Logistics SolutionsTraditional Logistics Solutions
1SaaS-based logistics solutions are technology-driven  Traditional logistics solutions are old conventional solutions which don’t involve a lot of technology. 
2The data is stored in the cloud, and can be accessed easily. The data can never be accessed easily. 
3The subscriptions can be done all in onlineIt requires manual installations and upgrades 
4You can choose the features you want. It is totally customizable. It is not customizable. You need to wait for months to upgrade and get access to all the new features. 
5You can upgrade in next to no time. Upgrading costs a lot of time and money. 
6Simplified workflows It’s a bit complicated to achieve what you want 
7Less chances of human error High chances of human error
8You have an option to store the data off-site You would need someone to take care of all the confidential and security data 
9You can integrate SaaS product with any day to day app of yours Integration is not possible
10Utmost security to all your dataComparatively less security to your data
11SaaS solutions are cloud-based, and it requires no server hardware You would need server hardware and the hardware requires regular upgrades. 
12You can host it on a web-based cloud server You need to rely on the host provider to gather and store the meaningful data

5 reasons why you should choose the SaaS business model

The SaaS (Software as a Service) business model has completely replaced the traditional way of doing things. Back in the day, companies had to put in a lot of effort to purchase software, install it on their computer and maintain it regularly. The SaaS business model has changed it all. Depending on your requirements, you can access a wide range of SaaS solutions for a low monthly fee and be up and running in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.

Now, let’s discuss the key reasons on why you should choose the SaaS based logistics solutions over the traditional logistics solutions. 

Flexibility & Scalability 

SaaS products are well known for the unique customizations they provide, and you can choose the features you want that suit your requirements. You no longer need to wait for the next big upgrade to grab the features you need. Maintaining a SaaS product is just a cakewalk that any user can quickly set up the product and make it ready to use without taking time. You can also eliminate the risk of paying high upfront fees for a product that may not be right for your needs.

Integrations with the third-party applications

With SaaS products in place, you can seamlessly integrate them with any third-party application of yours. This is a significant miss when it comes to traditional logistics solutions. It’s tough to integrate with your daily day-to-day app. SaaS enables organizations to integrate SaaS applications with other software using application programming interfaces (APIs) without the help of a developer.

Services & Support 

Most SaaS companies provide real-time support that helps you overcome any challenge effortlessly. A few companies have chatbots to let users have conversational chat experiences with their support team. They further have neat help documentation and resources that will allow you to solve everything on your own without anyone’s help. 

Free Trials and Upgrades 

Evaluating a SaaS product has become extremely important for businesses to make the right move. Today, every SaaS product offers you a 7, 14, 30 day trial period in which you can experience all the fantastic features that the product has to offer for you. The free trials further ensure a seamless evaluation process. If you love the product’s experience during the free trial period, you can upgrade with just a button click. Trust me! It’s that easy. 

Easy maintenance of servers and database

SaaS products offer you easy maintenance of servers, databases, and software. You can access the product regardless of location and time, with so much ease over the internet. You no longer need hardware upgrades, installations, a security specialist to maintain and deal with the data. 

How do you choose a SaaS Logistic Solution?

Evaluating a SaaS-based logistics product is neither challenging nor straightforward. There are a slew of things to consider. You need to get the basics right to make the best move and to reap all the benefits that the product has to offer. 

To make the process extremely smooth, we’ve got a smart checklist ready for you. Please make sure you tick them all. 

SaaS Logistics Solution

You can evaluate eShipz, a flexible and modern app that makes shipping and tracking processes relatively simple, thereby saving tons of manual time. You can further reduce your manual efforts by 80%, promising faster and efficient processing of orders. 

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Wrapping up!!! 

The perks of SaaS Software can only be experienced rather than just hopping around the internet. The benefits are aplenty. It will allow you to streamline your processes, improve communication with the cross-functional teams, boost productivity, reduce time & costs, and more. 

Businesses, who have successfully adopted SaaS Logistics solutions have been rewarded with a more scalable and cost-effective method of addressing their software needs. The SaaS solutions have further allowed businesses to focus more on core competencies and the end-user experience instead of software maintenance and upgrades.

On a happier note,

Be smart enough to evaluate the right product! 

Be wise enough to make the best investment! 

Be sharp enough to reap the fruitful benefits of the product! 

Together, let’s scale your business!! 


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