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Safexpress Api Integration - Safexpress Api


  • SAFEXPRESS primarily focuses on domestic logistics services
  • Generates shipping labels that can be printed and attached to packages for shipment.
  • Safexpress offers customized solutions for businesses with large volume shipping needs.
  • Provides real-time tracking of shipments.


  • SAFEXPRESS has a widespread network of shipping points across India.
  • Utilize Safexpress services including, Express Distribution, 3PL & more.
  • Serves C2C customers through specially crafted, value-added express distribution services.
  • Affordable warehousing & consulting support.
Safexpress Shipping - Safexpress Api Integration
Performance & Analysis - Safexpress Api Integration

Performance & Analysis

  • SAFEXPRESS measuring delivery speed, accuracy, and resource utilization.
  • Gather and analyze feedback, service quality, and retention for improvement.
  • Using innovation, automation, and digital platforms. Get your money’s worth and an exponential increase in efficiency.

About Safexpress

Safexpress was founded in 1997,has completely changed the logistics industry in India. Focused on reliability, effectiveness, and customer focus, the company has significantly broadened its reach and service options, setting up a comprehensive network of warehouses, distribution centres, and transportation hubs nationwide. Safexpress has taken a proactive approach to innovation by integrating GPS tracking and RFID technologies into their operations. Safexpress has become a leader in providing end-to-end logistics solutions tailored to diverse industry needs.

Currently , Safexpress is a prominent leading player in India’s logistics, catering to a wide range of clients that include small enterprises and multinational companies. Through a strong emphasis on innovation, technology, and customer service, the company is consistently venturing into new territories and driving the evolution of logistics in India and worldwide.

Infrastructure and Network

SAFExpress runs an extensive & cutting-edge logistics system, effective delivery & supply chain services across India.

18 Regional Hubs - Safexpress Api Integration
Regional Hubs
311 Area Offices - Safexpress Api Integration
Area Offices
81 Logistics Parks- Safexpress Api Integration
Logistics Parks
42 3PL Locations - Safexpress Api Integration
3PL Locations
76 Cargo Airport Connectivity- Safexpress Api Integration
Cargo Airport Connectivity
2561 Routes- Safexpress Api Integration


Express Distribution - Safexpress Api Integration
Air Express - Safexpress Api Integration
Hub Delivery - Safexpress Api Integration

Express Distribution : Safexpress delivery services prioritize time-sensitive shipments, ensuring swift and reliable transportation of parcels and cargo throughout India.

Air Express : Safexpress air freight services provide quick & effective solutions for urgent shipments, with fast delivery options for domestically & internationally.

Hub Delivery: A customised delivery service that allows consignees to collect the delivery of their consignments from the respective Safexpress delivery gateway. 

FAQs about eShipz & SAFExpress Integration

Can I track my Safexpress shipments through eShipz?

Yes, you can track your Safexpress shipments through eShipz, providing real-time updates and visibility on your parcels.

What are the benefits that customers using Safexpress services enjoy as a result of the integration?

The integration of eShipz with Safexpress provides customers with real-time tracking, streamlined shipping services, cost-effective solutions, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Can I use eShipz to compare Safexpress rates with other carriers?

Yes,  with eShipz, you have the ability to compare Safexpress rates against other carriers, empowering you to opt for the most budget-friendly shipping option.

Is it allowed to create automated invoices for Safexpress shipments with eShipz?

By utilizing eShipz, you have the ability to create automated invoices for Safexpress shipments, effectively streamlining the documentation process and saving valuable time.

How do I contact customer support for issues with the Safexpress and eShipz integration?

For customer support regarding the Safexpress and eShipz integration, use this helpline number +91 7428335001 or email at [email protected] on the eShipz platform.


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