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Multiple Sales Channel Integration

Effortless Integration Across Multiple Sales Channels

Unlock seamless connectivity with our marketplace integration, spanning well-known sales platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, PrestaShop, and others. This empowers you to effortlessly manage, fulfill, and monitor orders from various channels through a unified dashboard. Streamline your operations and enhance visibility with our quick and simple multiple sales channel integration solution.

AI Driven - Pre Shipping

AI-Powered Carrier
Recommendation Engine

Take control of your shipping logistics with the eShipz’s customizable shipping rules. Whether it’s based on weight, value, or warehouse location, our platform empowers you to define rules that align with your business requirements. Enjoy the flexibility to set and select shipping rules that save time and expedite future dispatches. Elevate your shipping efficiency and optimize your operations with eShipz’s user-friendly customization options.

Bulk Booking and Processing

Efficient Bulk Booking and Streamlined Processing

Boost your logistics operational efficiency by seamlessly processing up to five hundred orders with just a click. Minimize human efforts, slash shipping time, and reduce costs significantly. Our platform allows you to bulk print up to five hundred pre-approved carrier labels, catering to orders from diverse sales channels and destined for multiple locations. Revolutionize your order management process for increased productivity and cost savings with our user-friendly solution.

Convert COD to Prepaid

Convert COD to Hassle-Free Prepaid Transactions

Mitigate the risks of order cancellations by converting Cash on Delivery (COD) orders to prepaid transactions. Reduce return rates and cut costs by providing incentives to your customers, encouraging them to opt for pre-payment. This strategic approach not only safeguards against cancellations but also promotes successful deliveries. Elevate your order fulfillment process, boost customer satisfaction, and optimize costs through proactive incentives for prepaid transactions.

Supercharge your daily shipping operations with eShipz’s Pre-Shipping Solution. Enhance dispatch frequencies and drive down overall costs effortlessly. Elevate your shipping efficiency for increased productivity and savings with our advanced Pre-Shipping Solution.

Pre shipping services

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