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Sugar Cosmetics - An Indian skincare brand that has made its mark, in becoming one of India’s fastest growing premium cosmetic company.

India’s Beauty and Personal care market is estimated to be 24.53 billion USD in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.32% and reach 33.33 billion USD by 2027. India is ranked fourth in the world for generating the highest revenue from the beauty and personal care market in 2021. By these facts and figures we can make out that there is no looking back for cosmetics industry in India and the only one way it would move is forward.

In present times whenever one hears the phrase Indian Cosmetic Brand, the first thing that will strike the mind is the brand Sugar Cosmetics. Founded by Vineeta Singh and Kaushik Mukherjee, Sugar cosmetics is a D2C brand that has 40,000+ retail outlets in over 550 cities in India. Vineeta Singh was also featured as a Shark in the flagship business event Shark Tank India. Started in 2015 with just two products to being a part of IIMs case study, the company has come a long way. Through its innovative products and by catering the needs of Indian skin tone and Indian way of life the company is able to stand out from its competitors and being profitable

Cosmetics Giant Sugarcosmetics

eShipz on the other hand is a SAAS based logistics automation software which assists businesses in reducing manual effort, minimize the costs and delighting the customers with high end tracking solutions. The platform provides various shipping management tools such as Label printing, Centralized dashboard, Smart App, NDR, Predictive Analytics and also provides customer engagement tools such as Branded Tracking Page, Tracking Widget, Branded and customized SMS & Email Alerts and WhatsApp notification.

With integrations of 200+ carrier partners and 13+ sales channels, the company has been instrumental in fulfilling the needs of B2B and D2C business effectively. We spoke to Mr. Hemant Kejriwal-Vice President Supply Chain and Operations, Sugar Cosmetics to know more about how the shipping solution has contributed in simplifying the processes in Sugar Cosmetics and adding value to their logistics operations. Here’s what Hemant had to say about it.

Limited tools and automation available for follow up in B2B

When compared with D2C there is no much smarter and simplified enterprise shipping solution and automation that are available in B2B to follow up, thus eShipz caters the requirement of the B2B businesses and the simplifies the follow up process thereby creating an environment for businesses to obtain the updates of the shipment

Consumption of bandwidth was more before implementing eShipz

Before implementing eShipz a lot of bandwidth of the company was spent for responding calls, mails and queries but post the implementation, the company has completely freed their bandwidth as the real time tracking details are been provided through eShipz, to know the whereabouts of the shipment. Consumption if bandwidth has also reduced for the reason of the returns being reduced and updates on delivery status and alternate instructions ensures successful deliveries and reduces returns.

Post implementation of eShipz now the company is able to get real time visibility, as soon as the order is dispatched the team knows and can track real time progress on their own, they don’t need to mail or do call, and no need to deploy resources to update on what has happened. Real time visibility not only solves the problem of giving the live update but also helps in making efficient utilization of resources.

Helps in making judicious use of time and efforts:

By reducing the consumption of bandwidth and also by reducing the manual works eShipz has been able to assist the company in making the judicious use of time and efforts and reduce the downtime. eShipz through its intelligence logistics management enables to control the entire supply chain from one dashboard with complete visibility right from order confirmation to delivery

Managing delivery by appointment is now made easy

Delivery by appointment refers to the process in which the shipment has to be delivered on the appointment date and time, it cannot be delivered before or after the delivery date. Big customers like Amazon, Nykaa wants the shipment to be delivered in the appointed date. If the data was handful, it could have been done in excel, but as the volume increases to multiple appointment delivery every day and also as retailers grow one needs a system to measure it and track it and to know it’s done properly, eShipz assists on managing these orders through a robust system in place.

An eye for every detail

Another important technicality is, In D2C one can’t combine multiple invoices in one dispatch for the carrier but in case of b2b it could have 3 invoices billed to the same customer and all being shipped together as one dispatch through a carrier, this is a point that most solution provider miss, eShipz was already solving this and gave the confidence that they have an eye for detail.

Custom made features to fulfill all the requirements

The requirement of features differs from business to business. eShipz were more than happy to add new and customized features according to the needs of the company and gave timeline by when the features would be available and the new features would be added to the interface according to the timeline and as required which made Sugar Cosmetics to root for eShipz.

One stop solution for all the logistics needs

Hemant added that he would not hesitate to recommend eShipz to anyone and especially for B2B needs, he was impressed with the fact that personnel from eShipz spent an entire day in the warehouse to understand the challenges and trained the team to understand eShipz better. The team was exactly looking for a solution like eShipz.

Brands like Sugar Cosmetics are easing out its logistics operations and accelerate customer experience through holistic logistics solutions like eShipz. Features like Branded Tracking Page, Tracking Widget, customized SMS & Email Alerts, and WhatsApp Notification assists Sugar Cosmetics in giving a personalized experience to the customers.

Know more about how eShipz can help your business to scale up and deliver a flawless experience to shoppers, get in touch with our experts.