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Courier Partners

Blue Dart is one of the largest courier partners for eCommerce with express air delivery & integrated transportation services. They offer both forward and reverse logistics services in 35000+ locations across India. Read More

FedEx is one of the biggest logistics  companies worldwide with services to more than 190+ countries and territories. eShipz gives you easy access to the FedEx API integration so you can go-live with this carrier in minutes. Read more

Aramex - Courier Partners

Aramex is one of the world’s leading logistics & supply chain management companies, along with services to 200+ countries. They have various logistic services depending on the scale and size of businesses. Read More

Delhivery - Courier Partners

Delhivery is one of India’s top logistics companies, often described as the best courier partner for most online businesses. They offer pickup, delivery, tracking and order fulfilment services across the country, servicing over 18000 pin codes.

Gati - Courier Partners

Gati Limited is one of India’s premier Express Distribution & Supply Chain Management companies, committed to delighting their customers with seamless and an end-to-end logistics solutions, backed by its future-ready  tools and technology. Read more

Spoton - Courier Partners

Spoton, based out of Bangalore serves over 12,639 pin codes through a carefully crafted network of 333 service centres and 38 gateways. Spoton specilaises in assisting a number of e-commerce businesses to streamline shipments. Read more

Ecom Express - Courier Partners

Ecom Express is an e-commerce courier services known for its factors of speed, safety and reliability  in order fulfilment. They cover 27,000+ pin codes across 2650 cities, offering express delivery and reverse shipment pick-ups.

Xpress Bees - Courier Partners

XpressBees is one of the largest e-commerce logistics companies for a many  services such as same-day and next-day delivery. With a reach of 6500+ pin codes, they offer cash on delivery, reverse pickups and return shipments.

SF Express - Courier Partners

SF Express Co.Ltd. is a Chinese multinational delivery services and logistics company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. It is the second largest courier in China, and provides domestic and international express delivery.

DHL - Courier Partners

DHL is one of the top logistics companies for any  business across the globe. For over 50 years DHL has been an integral part of the logistics industry with its vast array of global shipping services.

DTDC - Courier Partners

DTDC is one of the India’s preferred courier brands,  with one of most vast network of delivery destinations till date. DTDC handles over 12 million shipments every month and is known for its reliability.

DUNZO - Courier Partners

Dunzo is an On Demand pickup and delivery partner for the ventures that are looking for the expertise in hyperlocal delivery. Dunzo is known for delivering most of the shipments within and average time of 23 minutes.

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Why should you use multiple courier partners for your e-commerce business?

Greater reach: More courier partners, means a wider reach, which enables you to serve customers in every nook and corner of the country, including those in the remote areas.

 Superior customer experience: Spikes in demand makes it challenging for any single courier partner to manage, leading to delays and dissatisfied customers. Integration with multiple courier partners serves as back ensuring customers are never affected.

 Leverage strengths of all carriers: Combine the best aspects of all multiple couriers such as reach, safety, prices by establishing partnerships with them, thus ensuring that you have the ability to make choices best suited to your business.

 Lower shipping cost: Courier partners are more open to direct contracts, giving you the ability to negotiate rates based solely on volume, thereby getting rates best suited to your business, ensuring your overall costs remains minimal.

 Minimizing exceptions with Data: Multiple courier partner integrations, ensures that you have wealth of data showcasing the past performance of each courier partner, thereby ensuring you pick a partner with the least number of exceptions.

 Lower risk of business disruption: Every business has a downtime be it due to system or human errors and courier partners are no exceptions. Multiple courier partner integrations ensures that the risk of such downtime affecting your business is minimum

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